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I will be breeding and selling bearded dragons for profit.

Shannas Blazin Dragonz

by Shanna Yost

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Shanna Yost

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  • Shannas Blazin Dragonz will be the name of my buisness.I will be breeding selling bearded dragons.It will be an online based buisness .I will be using social media and the buisness web site to market.
  • I will need to aquire an llc licence,an owner licence,propergating licence,dealer licence,and a credit card licence.
  • In order to get up in runing i will need 80000 to 100000.
  • The license will cost about 200.00.
  • The money i can aquire will be used for eqiptment,suplies,and the reptiles.
  • My buisness can earn up to 600,000a year starting with 15 to 30 pair of breeding dragons.


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Knowing you will be helping some one achieve their dreams.

December, 2020

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